The wait is over. McBain Rural Agricultural School has partnered with Job Skill Technology, Inc.  to create the McBain Virtual School.  McBain Virtual School utilizes Fueled, Inc. teachers, curriculum, and materials to deliver a first class program that students can do from home. In addition, being a public school academy, it is at NO COST to you or your family.

Earn your HS Diploma online!
Courses are FREE to enrolled students

"I could learn at my own pace, in my own way, and live up to an exponentially higher potential than I would have ever reached had I stayed where I was."

"These teachers, along with others, inspired growth and change in my education. I needed them and they were there fulfilling their duties as teachers, but they went the extra mile for me and became my friends, as well."

"Our way of schooling has been out of the ordinary. It isnít the norm, itís not the tradition. But today we start to show the world that it sure is the best."

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